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Checklist before joining a bazaar - vendor bazaar

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Checklist before joining a bazaar - vendor bazaar


Here are the things to keep in mind before, during and after your bazaar event - Your Vendor Bazaar event

What Should You Check Before A Bazaar?

  1. Make sure you have an adequate quantity of stocks for the entire duration of the bazaar.
  2. Check the Inventory of the goods you have selected for the entire bazaar event. Then consider making another list of the merchandise you will have to carry with you to the venue when you move in.
  3. Write down the costs and other expenses like rent, your sales persons wages, food, transport costs etc. Include the costs for putting up your stall. I mean installing the stall on location, with your shop banners etc, on time.
  4. Discuss your prices for items, what is the lowest and what is the highest (the floor and ceiling prices) with your sales person. Ensure that he or she’s familiar with fully aware all your goods and their selling prices. You are in a bazaar event, so expect your visitors to bargain. So this is very important to ensure the sales girl knows what to do, especially if you are not there.
  5. Make sure to visit your stall and create a plan where to place what, and plan how to increase the use of space. But not to forget that the place should be attractive. The rule of thumb is "you sell what they see". So you should ensure that the important items are at eye level for the customers to see and buy.
  6. Your branding & price tags must be well designed, clear. This applies to other signs, banners and promotional materials that you are using for the events. All the signs, tags, banner etc should link to the branding, synergy in colors and so on. Remember you are not just participating an event, you are creating your future small business. So branding is key to it. Ingvar Kamprad of IKEA says every saleable item must have a price tag. If certain items are higher than the competition, try lowering prices, create offers, and explain the reason for the higher value with quality.
  7. It is good to ensure that your goods are in place well in time, probably delivered a day before the night before the bazaar event. This helps ensure there are no last-minute issues of the driver coming late and so on• 
  8. It is not possible that all your visitors will bring change. So it is good to ensure that you carry change for small bills so that you of sales person do not have to leave your vendor stall to change for a customer.

During The Bazaar

  • Ensure your presence in your stall. Even if you have a sales person and he or she is good, your competitor will always beat you if you’re not around.  And your sales person is there to make quick bucks. 
  • Know your competitors and their selling or bargaining methods. Keep your prices competitive.  
  • Smile, be pleasant and engage your customers. Sincere flattery won’t hurt.
  • Monitor your sales. Take a note what sells and what not. If certain items are selling more than you expected, try and get additional stocks.
  • If you are a food vendor, you should ensure your food is kept clean from dust and other things. And ensure enough refrigeration is there to be sure that it doesn't get spoiled midway that will force a change of plans.

After The Bazaar

  • Security of the place is important. If you plan to leave equipment such as tables and racks and other fixtures in the venue, then tie them up together.  Don’t leave your goods there unless you are very sure about the security and it will there for you the next day you arrive.
  • Pay your supplier. Depending on the terms you bought the items for the bazaar, if you have any unsold items, try returning to the supplier in the same condition as you had bought it. A good relation to suppliers is key to the success of your bazaar and your future small business plans. If you are in good terms and pay to suppliers on time, he will not want to lose you either. So it is a win-win situation for both of you to have a great friendly relationship. This will save the day if your bazaar did not go as planned and was not successful. 
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